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Generosity is a fundraising community built for personal and social causes.
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Generosity is about compassion—not fees.
The Generosity community is free of the fees common to most fundraising platforms, which means you keep more money for your causes.
A crisis doesn’t wait. So we help you act fast.
At Generosity, fundraising is a snap. It takes only minutes to launch a campaign and share your story with friends, family—and we disburse your funds quickly and securely.
The tools to tell your story far and wide.
Automated promotion. Social integrations. On-the-go administration. Our suite of powerful but easy-to-use fundraiser tools can be tailored to your own needs for maximum effect. Tell your story and tell it loud.
The spirit of Generosity, the power of Indiegogo.
All of Generosity’s socially minded tools are built on Indiegogo’s powerful global fundraising engine, enabling you to change lives and launch entire humanitarian movements—across town or across the world.
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